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The GM PvP-apalooza Livestream Will Available In Trove On June 9 

It's time for Trove to reveal release date of the latest livestream! The new PvP theme features Customer Support Game Masters taking on challengers. 

Trion Worlds holds a player and GM PvP extravaganza that Steve "Fasti" Haines and GM Woofster will hang out. Trove is appealing players to join the game on the PC version of Trove. "Take this opportunity to get PvP Trophies from everyone but Fasti who is an unstoppable PvP machine." 

The 45-minutes livestream will be alive on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel in June 9th. Mark the time to know more details. 

Nuestra misión es ofrecer a todos ese lugar especial con el que siempre han soñado – Nos encargaremos de convertir todo el proceso en un periodo lleno de diversión y grandes memorias. 

Toda gran obra empieza con un primer paso – permítanos el honor de acompañarlo y de convertir sus sueños en realidad!


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News For Trove
News For Trove