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Trion World - This Week In Trove 

It's time for "This week in Trove"! In addition to this week's active daily bonus, every players have the opportunity to obtain epic bonuses in Trove. 

If you play Trove on consoles, the Polar Dragon Tiger mount will be available as the top Chaos Chest prize for consoles you are playing. It's a fantastic feline that will "stare you right in the eyes while it pushes your cup off the coffee table". 

Alternatively, you will play the game on Windows or Mac. That means you can get Salt Sower as a shot at this sodium-based mount in Chaos Chests. 

So, are you ready to join this week's blood pressure raising racer? It's high time to participate in the game and gain lucrative rewards! 


Nuestra misión es ofrecer a todos ese lugar especial con el que siempre han soñado – Nos encargaremos de convertir todo el proceso en un periodo lleno de diversión y grandes memorias. 

Toda gran obra empieza con un primer paso – permítanos el honor de acompañarlo y de convertir sus sueños en realidad!


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News For Trove
News For Trove