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Trove Is The Game To Play And The Place To Be 

Trion Worlds' latest voxel project, dubbed Trove, is a free-to-play exploration game which stretches across many genres, and with many features we've never really seen in other voxel games. Trove is one the unique MMOS that does not feature compelling stories, insane 3D next-gen realistic graphics and such. Rather, it focuses on cooperation with other players in building the world, ridding of monsters and most of all, enjoying the art style. Get lost in the world and explore places that even some players have yet to venture in. 

Trove has 15 classes for players to choose from. These classes have a wide range of abilities and different combat styles each ranging from difficulty. There are two types of damage types, Physical and Magical with Physical classes using Swords and/or Axes, Bows, and Spears and Magic classes using Guns and Staves. There are also two combat style difficulties that not only are different in price (in terms of Crafting requirements and credit amounts) but also have different play styles depending on how much skill is needed to master the class. These are separated into Starter Classes and Advanced Classes.

Go forth into dungeons; from sky high palaces to horrific castles that would send shivers down your spines. Pyramids, spooky caverns and swampy horrors, live out your fantasy life. Collect gears that no one else has, kill and survive the deadly beast to share your great triumphs and more. 

The game also feature cornerstone, areas where you may build your houses. Mow your lawn, set up a barbeque pit and sing a campfire song. Invite your friends over and throw the sickest rave party of your lifetime. 

Meanwhile, you can also create club worlds. You, your friends, family and acquaintances can have access to an empty world waiting for potential builder to shape it. Depending on the outcome, the world may be released for all officially to explore and as a new content to be excited about. 

Make sure to gather enough Trove Flux to enjoy yourself in the new content. If you are in lack of Trove Flux, you can buy cheap Trove Flux on U4GM. 

Nuestra misión es ofrecer a todos ese lugar especial con el que siempre han soñado – Nos encargaremos de convertir todo el proceso en un periodo lleno de diversión y grandes memorias. 

Toda gran obra empieza con un primer paso – permítanos el honor de acompañarlo y de convertir sus sueños en realidad!


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News For Trove
News For Trove